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The Association 

The Hoteliers Association of Varazze has only one mission: to make your stay in the city unforgettable. Explore our hotels, b&b and apartments.

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Tourist Card

Are you coming on holiday to Varazze? You are entitled to the Ligurian Riviera Tourist Card! Discover the offers in program and take advantage of discounts on shops, activities and services.

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City of Varazze

Excursions in nature, bike tours in the Riviera and boat trips. Discover all of our opportunities for fun!

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Bandiera Blu – Blue Flag

For 20 consecutive years, on the sea of Varazze and on our beaches waves the certificate of guarantee of the Blue Flag

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Varazze: a city for everyone

Holidays in Varazze leave no one excluded: discover our tourist facilities for disabled people and accessible beaches

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Pet friendly

In Varazze your 4-legged friends are welcome. Discover the dog friendly beaches and the hotels that accept pets in our catalogue

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History of Varazze

Better known among the inhabitants as Varase or Väze, this Ligurian town boasts a proud past as a commercial and tourist port, as well as a shipbuilding center of reference.

Varazze today is a picturesque fishing village rich in testimonies of its importance, scattered among the 7 hamlets that still make up the municipal territory.

Its history begins in 4000 B.C., as the famous Menhir Cian de Munega in the hamlet of Invrea tells us. The town was initially known as Ad Navalia, in honour of its deep and ancient connection with the sea. Later, Varazze became an important Roman settlement, of which there are still significant traces today. The territory, at the time, was known as Varagine because of its sandy shore suitable for launching boats.

Characters of Varazze

The history of the town of Varazze is intertwined with that of many protagonists of Italian history and beyond.

Among the most illustrious figures is the Dominican Jacopo da Varagine, blessed and bishop of Genoa, best known for his Legenda Aurea. This hagiographic collection of biographies, traditions and religious tales, compiled in the second half of the 13th century, is still a fundamental religious text today. Translated into several languages, it has also been a source of inspiration for many medieval artists, from Giotto to Piero della Francesca.

Jacopo da Varagine is the patron saint of Varazze together with Caterina da Siena. The Saint is celebrated for an episode dating back to 1376 when, visiting the town in the grip of the plague, she managed to free it from the pandemic with a prayer.

Another historical personage of Varazzine origins known throughout the world was Lanzerotto Malocello. This explorer was the first to cross the ideal boundary of the Strait of Gibraltar, 2 centuries before Columbus, landing in what is now Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

Its privileged area, protected by the Ligurian bay and sheltered by the mountains, made Varazze much disputed in the past, first as part of the Republic of Genoa, then of the First French Empire and finally of the Kingdom of Sardinia.

“City of Women”

Varazze is the City of Women. Every year, the Municipality organizes events, activities and experiences to give voice to the female universe.

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What the guests tell about us.

A welcoming city, seated between the mountains and the sea with great quality touristic hotel structures

Martina M.

Varazze è una piccola perla della Riviera ligure. Ci vado da parecchi anni ed e’ sempre una scoperta bellissima. La consiglierei a chiunque e la amo tantissimo. Ogni volta che ci vado e’ come se tornassi a casa!


Città meravigliosa che ti ruba il ❤️


Ottimo posto di mare non lontano da Milano.


Varazze e la passeggiata dei piani di Invrea meraviglia da fare in ogni periodo dell’anno.